As Media Liaison Officer, my role at Tecoma Strategies has been to promote the company within the industry both locally and internationally – and much more else besides. Coming from a media/communication and entertainment background, the minerals industry was unchartered territory for me.

Things move at a breakneck pace at Tecoma, so I was soon up to speed on major developments and role players within the industry. I learnt that platinum is down and vanadium is on the up and up; I learnt that bauxite is what gives glossy paints their lustre; I learnt that there are more minerals in SA besides just gold and diamonds, and that the country is not a ‘tired mineral province’ that many would have one believe. Deals are there to be made and Tecoma, led by Matt Mullins and now also Griff Gigler, will be there to provide the expertise that is necessary.

Working for Tecoma also gave me the opportunity to organise and manage events, from the two-day Economic Evaluation of Mineral Deposits short course that Matt presents through the GSSA, to the unprecedented 3-week training program for an 18-strong delegation from the Ministry of Natural Resources in China.

I now bid farewell to Tecoma Strategies to pursue a new overseas adventure in 2019. In my stead, there will be the ever-capable Sophia Lee. I know that she will help the company continue to grow and make its mark in the industry. I thank Matt Mullins and Griff Gigler for all their guidance and support throughout this year – it’s been a real blast and I will miss you guys. Rock on!

Jeff Luk

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