Following on from his lecture at Stellenbosch University on “How to be a successful Geo-preneur”, Matt spent a further week (20th-24th August) at the university lecturing the 20-strong Geology Honours class on Practical Geostatistics. These lectures emphasized the need for the Resource Geologist to be able to understand the geological context, from the data collection to the structural, stratigraphic, mineralisation and alteration contexts. Matt spoke about the importance of site visits, and about the need to interact with other members of the exploration and resource modelling team. The students had hands-on experience with a variety of deposit types, from manganese, to coal and bauxite, and were able to examine, analyse and interpret these using Snowden Supervisor v8.9 and other geological modelling software. They were introduced to the immense power and versatility of the software, and were amazed how quickly they could get up and running. One student commented that the use of Snowden Supervisor in the course provided “a good representation of what to expect in the business sector”.

The course concluded with a challenging assignment that the students completed in record time – well done to all of them!

Further feedback from some of the students:

  • Thank you once again for the past week, it has been one of the most interesting modules this year! Deone Husselmann
  • Thank you for the Geostats course! It was really interesting and definitely challenging, especially as we haven’t been exposed to any Geostats before but it’s great that we’ve been exposed to it now. Dylan Mc Ewan
  • To begin with I would like to thank you for taking the time to lecture us this past week and share with us some incredibly important information on not only geostatistics but on the industry itself. I think we all have realized that it is not always about what you have learnt in university but rather the way in which university has shaped our way of thinking that can then be applied in whatever sector we may find ourselves in one day. Sean Househam

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