Our detailed offerings include

  • Strategy and Business Planning facilitation
  • Independent Mine Planning and Ore Reserve Audits
  • Design and Implementation of Brownfields Exploration Programmes
  • Competent Person and Competent Valuator Reports and sign-offs
  • Assessment of project alternatives and opportunities
  • Project development design, support and reviews
  • Acquisition study support and reviews
  • Business Improvement support and reviews
  • Independent Stock Exchange Reports
  • Expert Witness Reports

Economic Evaluation

Tecoma takes a strategic approach to the exploration and development of Mineral Resources, based on a thorough understanding of the total Mineral Inventory. The balanced pipeline approach is followed, helping a client to develop a pipeline of projects from early exploration to exploitation, either in a single commodity or in multiple commodities.

Through our understanding of multiple commodities and detailed market research, we can enable a client to develop into new commodities through acquisition and development. Using structured decision making, and modelling of risk we reduce biases in decison making. 

Project Development

Utilising the techniques described above, we assist in designing and implementing a standard project development pipeline. Using various standards, procedures and toolkits, we introduce a structured approach to Project design, Project Governance, and Implementation.

This process starts with capital allocation, including growth by greenfields exploration, by brownfields exploration, and through acquisitions. Our project standards and procedures are specifically designed to account for these situations and to facilitate the capital allocation process. 

Business Improvement

Our approach to successful Business Improvement focuses on understanding the current situation, through designing the future state, and through selecting and implementing the metrics to achieve that future state. We have a global successful track record in this process, across a range of commodities, locations, as well as type of operation.


We promote and utilise leading edge industry practices and technologies. Foremost amongst these is the use of "big data" in the design and implementation of our databases, for use in orebody modelling, in mine planning, in acquisition support, and in business improvements. By benchmarking a variety of activities, we can help a client to design business improvements.