Our Workshops have been designed to be modular and scalable. They use many practical examples, drawn from multiple commodities around the Globe, and cover both projects and operations at various stages of development. They are presented in interactive format, with a high degree of delegate participation.

Brownfields Exploration: How to design a programme, the key metrics used, how to value exploration results, and the key success factors

Resource Range Analysis: How to estimate the range of Resources, essential for internal and external management and reporting of Exploration Targets

Resource Modelling and Grade Estimation: This Workshop is a comprehensive examination of data collection and analysis, geological and grade/quality modelling, resource classification and reporting, and modelling of risk and uncertainty

Competent Person Training: How to be a Competent Person, qualifications, skills, and pitfalls. This Workshop examines reporting in different jurisdictions

Opportunity Assessments: How to examine and assess different development opportunities, particularly in the initial stages of a project development

Life of Mine Planning: How to examine and assess the long-term life of mine options, and the parameters needed to convert these into a Life of Mine Plan

Project Development: This Workshop examines a project structure, the project pipeline, and the key standards, procedures and tool kits needed to successfully take a project to the end of the Feasibility Study Phase, including the structure and role of Project Governance

Decision Analysis in the Minerals Industry: This Workshop introduces a structured approach to decision making.

Economic Evaluation of Mineral Deposits: This Workshop examines the key steps to successful Economic Evaluation, the fundamentals and structure of financial modelling, and the metrics used in decision making

Productivity and Business Improvement in the Minerals Industry